Bringing the world’s leading environmental investors together

San Francisco, November 7th-8th, 2018

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EnVest seeks to catalyze the Environmental Economy – bringing together active investors who believe we can use capitalism to address many of the world’s environmental challenges.

EnVest is not a research or educational event. There will be no panels or speakers educating attendees about the world’s environmental challenges. Shaped by investors, for investors, EnVest curates deal flow for committed investors who aim for market rate financial returns while respecting, improving and sustaining our environment.

San Francisco, November 7th-8th, 2018

November 7th
5:30pm – 6:30p.m.   I   Welcome Reception
7:00pm – 10:00pm  I  Hosted Investor Dinners

November 8th
8:00am – 4:00pm  I   Investment Review
4:00pm – 6:00pm   I   Closing Reception

Ira Ehrenpreis

“EnVest was an incredibly good and efficient use of time. Anyone interested in finding the next great company and interfacing with a great community of like minded investors should attend.”

Ira EhrenpreisManaging Partner at DBL PartnersDBL Partners
Brock Mansfeld

Private capital has always been a primary driver of innovation and scale, and the Environmental Economy will be no different. But private capital requires quality investment opportunities and strong smart syndicates to thrive. Getting the world’s most committed environmental investors together to evaluate high quality opportunities makes EnVest a “can’t miss” event for me.

Brock MansfeldManaging Partner, Salmon Innovation FundSalmon Fund
Adrian Horotan

“The best part about EnVest is the companies that they manage to put together. Really, really well curated event…among the best ones I’ve seen.”

Adrian HorotanGeneral Partner at Safer MadeSafer Made
Howard Fischer

It is more important and timely than ever before for investors to back ground-breaking companies addressing climate change, energy systems, transportation, etc. I look forward to attending EnVest to meet serious, active investors, and inspiring entrepreneurs who together will help solve these issues while earning meaningful positive returns.

Howard FischerCEO of Basso Capital and Co-Founder of Gratitude RailroadGratitude Railroad
Jim Kim

History has shown that technology is the sustainable solution to addressing global environmental challenges.  What excites me about EnVest is the opportunity to interact with passionate entrepreneurs who are driven to solve our biggest problems.

Jim KimFounding Member and Partner at Builders VCBuilders VC
Trevor Zimmerman

EnVest is an event whose time has come. We are in a unique period of history that will be characterized by unprecedented opportunities for investment in resource-efficient technologies. I’m looking forward to connecting with the entrepreneurs and other investors leading this revolution at EnVest.

Trevor ZimmermanCo-Founder and Managing Partner Blackhorn VenturesBlackhorn Ventures


EnVest is an investment conference shaped by and for sophisticated, active investors. As such, it is designed to allow attendees to see multiple opportunities that fit their asset class and environmental themes. These themes include: Clean Air & Water, Energy & Climate, Waste & Pollution, Food & Agriculture, and Fisheries & Oceans. Curated investment opportunities are referred from attendees, and are focused on company’s planning to raise a Seed to Series B round ($1-20m) in 2019.

Past Presenting Companies

Allumia Energy Management
Andalyze Lead Detection Technology
Aquantis Marine Buoy Power
Beta Hatch Bugs for Aquaculture
BiologiQ Biodegradable Resins from Produce
Blue Ocean Gear Ghost Net Tech
Columbia Green Green Roofing, Stormwater Mgmt.
Complete Solar Solar Servicing
Curb My Clutter Electronic Waste Collection
Ecologic Paper Replacement Packaging for Plastic
Ecotrack Services Nutrient Data Play
Green Theme International Replacement For Goretex
Inventys Carbon Capture
IO Currents Engine Optimization Tech
Local Roots Farms Wholesale Organic Food Platform
Loliware/Lolistraw Edible Straws Replacing Plastic
Lumigrow Indoor Ag Platform
Mimikai Organic Insect Repellent
mOasis Water Reduction for Agriculture
Moleaer Nanobubbles for Wastewater
Node Living Building
Opus One Grid Management Software
PastureMap Farm Management Software
Pluto AI Water Management Platform
Pure Watercraft Electric Boat Motors
Renewal Workshop Repurposing Waste Streams
Shared X Yield Gap Play In Developing Countries
Synova Gasification of Waste Into Fuel
Tally Go Navigation as a Service
Terviva Reviving Distressed Ag Land
Thread Low Cotton Fabrics
Tidal Vision Chitosan Process for Salmon Skins
Turning Earth Organic Waste into Energy
Whole Trees Small Diameter Tree Products
Whoossh Fish Migration Tech
Wiserg Grocery Waste Processing System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EnVest?

Envest is an environmental investing event bringing together the world’s leading environmental investors and the world’s best environmental investment opportunities.

The primary goal of Envest is to generate meaningful investment into high quality environmental opportunities across a spectrum of private asset classes. The secondary goal of Envest is to bring together the world’s leading environmental innovators and investors in one place to share thoughts on how to use capitalism to address the world’s environmental challenges i.e. how do we create the “Environmental Economy.”

Envest is not a research event, or a series of panels educating its members about environmentalism and impact capitalism. It is a “for investors, by investors” investment event for those committed to deploying capital across asset classes, with the aim of creating jobs and economic growth while respecting, improving and sustaining the environment.

Why is EnVest happening now?

EnVest’s guiding statement is a quote from US President Theodore Roosevelt:

“We have become great because of the lavish use of our resources. But the time has come to inquire seriously what will happen when our forests are gone, when the coal, the iron, the oil, and the gas are exhausted, when the soils have still further impoverished and washed into the streams, polluting the rivers, denuding the fields and obstructing navigation.”

Never has this statement been more true, or the need for solutions more urgent. We believe that competitive capital and innovation have a key role to play in these solutions, so developed an event specifically designed to accelerate deployment of competitive capital into the Environmental Economy.

What are EnVest’s key operating principles?

The EnVest team has identified 5 key principles guiding our work and events:

  1. It is our national moral obligation to preserve our natural resources for future generations.
  2. Investing in the Environmental Economy can generate competitive returns
  3. Action, not talk.
  4. Write checks, learn somewhere else.
  5. We are stronger together.

Where will EnVest 2018 be held?

EnVest will be held in downtown San Francisco, location TBD. We look forward to meeting in such a historic and iconic city, as we bring new innovations in environmental preservation and sustainability to life.

When is EnVest 2018?

EnVest will begin at 5pm on Wednesday, November 7, with a welcome reception at 4pm (location TBD). On Thursday, November 8, we will kick off a full day of investment reviews and networking, followed by a closing reception at 4pm, location TBD.

Is there a cost to attend EnVest 2018?

We are hosting EnVest at cost, meaning Investors and deals presenting will purchase a ticket to attend EnVest.  The registration fee includes a welcome reception on Wednesday, November 7, breakfast and lunch at EnVest on Thursday, November 8, as well as a closing networking reception. Request an invitation to EnVest for more information on ticket prices.

What will make EnVest successful?

We define the success of EnVest in three ways:

  1. The amount of money invested into environmental opportunities as a direct result of EnVest;
  2. The number of investment opportunities that receive investment as a direct result of EnVest; and
  3. The number of organizations that hold simultaneous events the same week as EnVest.

What will happen at EnVest?

The core of EnVest will be a one day investment conference on Thursday, November 8. This conference will provide curated investment opportunities for investor attendees, broken down by asset class and subject. The focus is on private asset classes including seed, venture, growth capital and private equity.  Non-profits and government programs are not included as asset classes.  Investment subjects include air & water, waste & pollution, forests & wilderness, fisheries & oceans, and food & agriculture.  

On either side of the one day conference (Wednesday, November 7 at 5pm and Thursday, November 8 at 5pm), we will hold social events aimed at giving investors and management teams the chance to share ideas and ambitions around environmental investing.

Who leads EnVest?

EnVest is led by a small Steering Committee, supported by a large Advisory Board broken into vertical specific committees.  The Steering Committee is responsible for overall event direction and event details. The Advisory Board committees are responsible for identifying, vetting, and preparing investment opportunities for their respective theme.


Learn more about the EnVest community and join a network of innovative investors committed to our natural world.


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